Moonlight in Paradise 2013

It’s almost here!

August 10, 2013, a great time for a trip to Paradise in the Annapolis Valley, to hear the Annapolis Big Band perform the great tunes of the 30’s and 40’s outside under the stars for your listening and dancing pleasure.  Beginning at 7:30 pm on the grounds at Ellenhurst 10252 Highway #1 Paradise the band and singer Donna Lynn Holmes will be featured in the  annual Moonlight Concert.

For details, check out our Events Page.


One thought on “Moonlight in Paradise 2013

  1. Christine Cameron

    Firstly, so glad you guys got a website. I was looking last year. Great to see you online so we can really get promotion for you out there!
    Secondly, we made it to the Moonlight in Paradise 2013 (our second year there). Was absolutely fabulous! Couldn’t praise your performance enough. Truly, you guys are superb, WORLD CLASS!!!! I’ll be promoting you every chance I get. Actually, already have been. And, it will continue. Keep it up. You are loved for sure!

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